Building a reading culture

By Pastor James Wanyonyi All the points vertically spell ‘Breakthrough Family Chapel’. Books: Books are ignorance cleansers. Books transport you from where you are to where you are supposed to be. The answers to life’s biggest questions lie in a book. Reading: Reading is taking the best of many minds and pouring it all inContinue reading “Building a reading culture”

The highly productive person daily energy plan

Here is a brief outline showing how the productive persons plan their limited time in order to make most out of it. According to Gary Keller the author pf one thing the body is like a machine that needs a lot of energy in order to function. Just like automobiles which use different types ofContinue reading “The highly productive person daily energy plan”


Since the killing of George Floyd, I have been deeply concerned with inequality which manifests in form of racism perpetuated by police brutality. I followed the US anti-racism protests and even watched George Floyd’s final burial service where Reverend Al Sharpton gave a veiled attack on President Trump calling him Wickedness in High Places (EphesiansContinue reading “THE BATTLE OF OUR GENERATION: WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES”

Book Review: Harvesting in Famine; How to Prosper During Tough Times by Paul Karanja

A very good book from one of my friends called Paul Karanja. I decided to read one of the Kenyan authors since I have mostly been reading foreign authors. The book was quite small and I read it in two days. The book was concerned with overcoming and prospering during famine or in difficult circumstances.Continue reading “Book Review: Harvesting in Famine; How to Prosper During Tough Times by Paul Karanja”