Building a reading culture

By Pastor James Wanyonyi All the points vertically spell ‘Breakthrough Family Chapel’. Books: Books are ignorance cleansers. Books transport you from where you are to where you are supposed to be. The answers to life’s biggest questions lie in a book. Reading: Reading is taking the best of many minds and pouring it all inContinue reading “Building a reading culture”

Writing battles: Six battles that every writer must fight

Writing is like a battle. I take writing as a war and strategize about it the same way lieutenants in a battle filed would do. Just like battlefront, writing industry has many casualties and has killed the passion of many great writers. Writing is not for everyone I can affirm, it mainly favours those whoContinue reading “Writing battles: Six battles that every writer must fight”

Why I won’t lend any of my books?

A room without books is like a body without a soul. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero.   I like reading and I am an avid reader. However do not mistake my reading with reading for class work or in order to be examined by a teacher. I love reading as a hobby and as a wayContinue reading “Why I won’t lend any of my books?”