Tina Seelig

Tina Seelig is a renowned author and educator who specialises in publishing books and advancing knowledge related to creativity and innovation. She was born in 1957. She completed her PHD in NeuroScience in 1985 from Stanford University. After completion of her PHD she joined Booz and Allen and then later moved to Compaq Computer asContinue reading “Tina Seelig”

Review of Ingenious: Crash Course On Creativity by Tina Seelig

This is a book about creativity. I read it after it was highlighted by Olivia Fox’s book: The Net and The Butterfly. Lately, I have been interested by books on creativity, innovation and how people innovate. I have been interested in understanding what makes the difference between the innovators and those who do not. ThisContinue reading “Review of Ingenious: Crash Course On Creativity by Tina Seelig”

Dealing with uncertainty

As the year starts one of the sure things is that everyone is uncertain of how it will end. Someone is starting school and does not know how it will end. There is someone who is planning to quit his/her current job and start a new one and is uncertain how it will turn. AContinue reading “Dealing with uncertainty”