6 books to read as you start new year

The following are books which I usually read when starting out a year to keep me focused and in check. The books suggested are from different authors and backgrounds. The books focus on different areas of life and provide perspective into life and work. The five books are:

Person picking book on bookshelf, Source: Unsplash
  1. One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. This is one of the best books to read at the commencement of the year. This book is special for those who want to improve and enhance productivity in the next one year. One of the greatest productivity concepts derived from this book is time blocking. Gary Keller discusses how productivity does not take much time. Instead productivity is about focus and intensity. One only needs to have an intense time (time blocks) dedicated to one thing which one intends to accomplish within the day before moving onto other things.

2. 5 Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware. Reading this book at the start of the year injects perspective into the year and helps one make reasonable yearly resolutions that encompass all dimensions of life. This books reminds you that life is not all about work or about self. Life encompasses many elements which must be balanced for one to live a great life. This book gives one perspective of those living at the final days of life and what they regret most about their lives. It informs one about the need to live a balanced life where one gives priority to family, friends, health, self and everything that matters.

Regrets of the dying cover. Source: Amazon

3. Abundance by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler. The book highlights progresses in technology, education, healthcare, water, food and what advancement in each of these sectors mean for the future. The book is a great recommendation at the start of the year because it provides a huge dose of optimism at the start of the year especially at a time when the media is bombarding us with heavy doses of negativity and gloom. This book helps one to realise that the world is filled with abundance of opportunities and that resources are abundant and available for everyone. It just depends on the side of the glass which you want to see.

Quote from Peter Diamandis. Source: Four Minutes books

4. Smarter, Faster Better by Charles Duhigg the author of Habits. This book is about productivity in the workplace. It shows how one can increase and harness productivity by learning how to keep oneself motivated. The book shows how one can enhance productivity through teamwork, goalsetting, focus, good decision making, good absorption and utilisation of data. Reading this book at the start of the year equips one with motivation and knowledge on how to apply different strategies in order to remain smarter, faster and better in highly competitive world that values and rewards results and productivity.

5. The Bible and more specifically the book of Joshua. As one commences the year, one should be full of optimism and most importantly courage. The book of Joshua endows one with courage and ability to confront the giants and challenges that one is likely to encounter throughout the year. Just like Biblical Joshua overcame obstacles and possessed the promised land, the book equips one with immense faith to conquer giants. The book equips one with radical faith and self-belief in conquering obstacles that life brings along such as ill health, loss of loved one, job loss or reduced income.

6. Principles by Raymond Dalio. This book is a huge volume book and I have listed it last because if you are slow reader you can take three months or entire year before finishing reading it. The book is good start for the year because it has been written by an accomplished entrepreneur and founder of Bridgewater Associates. The main reason for recommending this book is because it is all about good decision making. It can enhance the quality of decision made throughout the year. Reading this book at the start of the year infects one with above average capacity to make good decisions. One learns about radical open-mindedness and radical transparency as key elements of making goods decisions.

As the old quote by Mark Twain said “Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” May you have a book reading year.

I am back

After three-year hiatus from blogging I am now back with a bang.  I had taken off to other forms of writing other than blogging. However, I still felt the nag to write and share with my readers my experiences, knowledge, advice and also listen to their comments.  I promise you that I will write more and share more. Within the three-year hiatus I have learnt a lot, travelled a lot and experienced much which I would love to share with you. I have read scores of books which I intend to share reviews.  I have also missed the comments from my followers. In fact, one of the reasons I am back is because of an email from one of followers who made effort to reach out to me and enquire while I stopped blogging. While blogging may not be financially rewarding, the contribution one makes to the community makes it a meaningful aspect of existence.

The long break has helped me strategize and gather more meaningful content for my audience. The hiatus has reenergized me and equipped me to be resourceful in providing relevant and uplifting content. I intend to be making a post every week. I was surprised to find that I have only made 32 posts on this blog on its ninth year of existence. I will therefore provide more content by making weekly posts. I will mostly be posting content related to self-improvement encouraging people to read and study.  The content will be also be more appealing with accompanying images unlike previously when most of the content was plain and hard to read.  The posts will not exceed 500 words to make reading them easier. Thank you my followers for the many years you have followed this blog. In 2020 and beyond expect a vibrant blog that is full of informative and enriching content. I also value your feedback.

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Cryptobizglobal or Crypto Biz Global is a crypto content website that was established after realising that there was a huge information gap in the developing markets concerning crypto currencies. Unlike other crypto news website Cryptobizglobal does not limit itself to ptovidion of news but also provision of content concerning cryptocurrencies. According to the founder of this website, he first heard about bitcoin in 2013 despite bitcoin having come into the scene in 2008. In addition everyone whom he asked about bitcoin said that it was a scam which made the founder be disinterested in the crypto currencies. It was until 2015 when a client of the founder offered to pay with bitcoin that the author decided to do his own research and learn about cryptocurrencies.

Image result for Cryptocurrency image

It was after reading the bitcoin white paper that the author realised the fundamentals of bitcoin and decided to be fully involved in cryptocurrencies. However, he realised that just like him there were so many other people who were interested with information about cryptocurrencies but would not become involved because they had received the wrong kind of information.

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Are you Addicted to Bad Relationships?

Do you often find that you involve yourself in relationships that disappoint you? Are you not getting what you need and desire from the people you choose to date? Does there always seem to be something missing? If you answered yes to one or all of those questions, you could very well be addicted to disappointing and bad relationships, setting yourself up for failure without even knowing it. There are ways you can determine whether you are addicted or not, and ways you can break the addiction and start getting what you have always wanted from a relationship.

Before we cover the symptoms of addiction, it is important that we cover the dangers of staying in a bad relationship. Since bad relationships lack what one or both partners’ need, stress becomes a regular part of your life, as well a gradual lowering of your self-esteem, which will make you unable to focus on your career and personal life with the concentration and care needed, in order for you to be happy. The constant stress will produce chemical changes in your body that drain your energy and make you more eligible for physical illnesses. Physical abuse in a relationship is obvious to cause a lot of physical harm, along with great psychological damage, but in spite of these facts, many people still choose to proceed with such relationships, finding themselves trapped and incapable of leaving. They find themselves depressed, on a search for some relief and unfortunately becoming depressed and possibly turning to drugs and alcohol.

So what are the symptoms of this addiction? Ignoring the truth would be one. If you truly know that the relationship you are in is making you unhappy but make no effort to exit from it, then you are in denial and are holding yourself hostage in a situation you do not have to be in. Making excuses for your partner’s disappointing and bad behavior will keep you trapped and is another huge symptom of bad relationship addiction, especially if the excuses you produce do not back up the facts and are unrealistic. If you do finally build up the courage to confront your partner to leave him or her but are overcome with fear and therefore back off from the confrontation, you are a high and sure victim of addiction because no matter what you attempt, you find yourself always giving in and holding on to what you know is bad for you. Suffering from both physical and mental discomfort once broken up, unless you get back together, is yet another symptom of addiction and should not be denied or ignored.


My hero–George Wachiuri

Today I will write about a person I admire and whose story is inspiring. One guy who inspires me nowadays is George Wachiuri who runs Optiven enterprise Limited, one of the Kenya’s most success small and medium enterprises. I met him once when I was working as a salesperson. He also happened to have addressed us when I was in Jomo Kenyatta University having been invited by the University’s Christian Union. I mostly admire his Christian values. In Kenya which is one of the most corrupt countries in the globe, having a honest business person is very difficult and rare. So, when you find such a person you must admire him for his outstanding character against all odds. George Wachiuri runs Optiven enterprise a real estate company that sell develops and sells land property. If you want to invest in real estate in Kenya, Optiven is the company of choice. In country where more than dozen real estate companies are briefcase companies with reputation of selling illegal parcels of land, Optiven is the company to buy from a clean piece of real estate. Their value addition services also make it ideal for speculators to purchase for the company.
You can read more about George at: http://www.georgewachiuri.com/
You can also read more about Optiven at: http://www.optiven.co.ke/

In 2015 see the Big God

2015 is year now here with us and the first month is almost over. Resolutions have now been made by those who make them (I am not among them) and now the year is on top gear. Some like me are discouraged by previous unaccomplished resolutions they made in the previous years and therefore are not making any new resolutions. I have seen that every year has got its own share of hurts, discouragements, pain, losses, gains, favour as well as high and low moments. Let me call those bad times as giants. With all the giants around it becomes difficult to feel accomplished especially when seeking to accomplish anything new and profound. Whenever, I compare what I desire to achieve by focusing on what I have, I usually feel low and deprived as I may not have enough to do it. I am however comfortable with having enough to survive and live day to day.
Sometimes I do ponder and ask what it takes to achieve. Everyone was made to be an achiever and do extra ordinary things yet sometimes even doing the ordinary is challenging. Now why does God entrust us to do those extraordinary things yet we have little in our hands? God’s purpose and vision for me is usually larger than our self-sufficiency. Just like the way God of Israel commanded them to face of giants and evict them from land of Canaan yet the inhabitants of Canaan were giants in Numbers 13:33 ‘And there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephilim); and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them.” (RSV).  God sometimes commands us to face off with giants. Our positions in God and God”s expectations on us are sometimes way too far from our wildest imaginations. Yet we are expected to act and deliver if we are to please him. Like the ten spies who saw themselves as grasshoppers before the giants, sometimes one can feel like a grasshopper when comparing oneself with the dictates of circumstances.
In the midst of all those giants, God expects us to be victorious. The mistake that I always do and you may have done it is comparing the challenge with myself. Indeed I am smaller compared with the challenge, yet the challenge is minute compared with God. God gives us those challenges because He expects us to compare the challenges with Him and hence see Him fighting for us. This is what David in the bible did, he did not compare Goliath with himself, he compared Goliath with God of Israel and with that mentality, David knew that Goliath was nothing compared to God. 1st Samuel 17:45 ‘Then David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword and with a spear and with a javelin; but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied’(RSV). This year, I may have resolutions not because there will be no challenges but because the challenges are minute compared with my Big God. I am now seeing the INVISIBLE ONE behind me and fighting for me. Now it no longer depends with my strength but with the strength of God at work in me.
My dear readers have a great year aware that God expects you to accomplish more than you have planned. See Him behind you. Amen.

Writing battles: Six battles that every writer must fight

Writing is like a battle. I take writing as a war and strategize about it the same way lieutenants in a battle filed would do. Just like battlefront, writing industry has many casualties and has killed the passion of many great writers. Writing is not for everyone I can affirm, it mainly favours those who take it as a fight and battle diligently, courageously and consistently. The following are battles that every writer must fight.

  1. The battle for self-belief. It is the belief that you can do it whether you feel like it or not. Writing industry has no masters or experts. The first step is accepting that you can do it and then doing it. Believe that you are the best and you have what it takes.
  2. The battle of Reading. Great writers are also great readers. You cannot effectively write if you fail to read. The main aim of writing is to inform. You must be well versed with what you are informing others about. This is done by thorough reading. Reading widely and wildly is the true mark of a great writer. Great readers have a lot to inform others. They have more knowledge that would interest others to read.
  3. The battle of fear of criticism. Even with your self-belief, self-doubt and criticism from clients and readers usually tend to put writers down. Writing is tedious and not exciting especially when writing for clients. To be a great writer one must possess a thick skin and ability to overcome criticisms. Once the writer has acquired a can do it attitude, the writer can pen about any subject whether they are experts in it or not. However, it is much easier to write a topic which you are most conversant with.
  4. The battle of words. Sometimes one falls short of words and topics to write about. Every writer experiences writer’s block, when there are no forthcoming ideas or inspiration to write. It is the writers’ responsibility to be inspired and motivated. Sometimes I have to listen to music or just write blank words for me to overcome this challenge. I must admit that writer’s block is every writer’s nightmare. It comes with inability write and lack of inspiration to write. Write even when you do not feel like it. Feelings will come later.
  5. The battle of relevance. In the process of writing, sometimes a writer may write materials which are irrelevant and out of sync with the topic of discussion. The writer must always seek to remain relevant and fluent in writing so as to make the readers understand the subject matter with ease.
  6. The battle of grammar. Grammatical mistakes are not taken lightly by readers. They consider them as a mark of incompetence. I may not be an expert about grammar since English is not my first language, but proofreading and re reading the material at least two times helps in eliminating such mistakes.

The above battles are not one off battles; they must be fought consistently, simultaneously and confidently.

Debt is an enemy

One day I borrowed some small amount from a friend to start a business from a friend. From my estimation I was certain that I would make some good money if it happened to succeed. I labored and worked to profit but unfortunately the returns were very minimal than I had anticipated. I did not even accumulate enough money to pay myself. This is in consideration that the money I had used was borrowed. The friend I had borrowed money came to demand his share. I had to explain that I had no returns from the investment and that I was dead broke to repay his money on the agreed date. My good friend would hear none of it, the money I had borrowed was intended to pay his sister’s school fees and had diverted it to assist me. I had to repay the money, by nook or crook. Luckily, I didn’t have any tangible assets to be auctioned except a smart phone which I had bought earlier on. I had to auction it to pay a part of the debt and pacify my friend’s wrath. I could not imagine that a good friend could be so harsh to me. My friend still demanded me to pay the debt in full if I was ever to make peace with him. Having no assets and no sustainable form of employment I could not access any formal credit neither could I do anything to fully settle the debt. Never in my life have I felt so low and ashamed like at that time. My dignity and sense of self-worth was highly diminished by this incident. I had to labour and do anything within my ability to settle the debt. I used every resource and ability within my disposal to settle the debt without incurring any further debt. I painfully repaid the money with tears but the lesson I learnt will last a lifetime.
Since the occurrence of this incident, I learnt a major lesson that debt is an enemy. In twenty first century many people have indeed fallen in love with their enemy. Our countries, nations and government too have fallen in love with the enemy called debt. At first debt appears like a friend in need who comes on time to help. The pleasure of having access to free money and gratifying one’s desires instantly without sweat but based on your ability to repay makes many people feel good. They count on debt to fund their luxuries, lifestyle and necessities. There are even cases of people who have succeeded using loans and setting successful businesses. Almost all banks and financial institutions consider loans as their major source of income and fiercely advertise how they have the best repayment terms. Nations especially in third world countries count on debt to build their infrastructure and pay their workers. In other words the world is becoming driven by debt.

However, debt irrespective the name used to refer to it is never a friend. It is a foe who should be fought off with determination and dedication that one can expedite when fighting a cruel enemy. Debt is the modern day tool of enslavement and financial inequity. You cannot succeed on debt. Debt is a cunning enemy who allures the prey with fantasy and instant gratification but strikes when least expected without mercy. Sometimes I wonder what would happen in the world if the same effort put in repaying debt is put in accumulation of wealth, good relationships and integrity. Debts steal ones dignity, sense of self-worth and make the person with debts a modern day slave. There are many people whose only motivation to wake up is the mortgage or car loan. I have identified companies that thrive on debt instruments. To speak the truth there are slave institutions, companies, businesses and countries, whose management work hard to please and pay the master creditors. Treat all manner of debts like an enemy and with the suspicion it deserves. When you realize that debt is an enemy who seeks to disempower you and take away your purpose, sense of self-worth and dignity you will slowly but certainly pay all debts and keep them off. May you succeed in fighting this enemy. May Heaven grant you the wisdom to be content, patient and delay gratification.

Work is a friend

I have been reading the works of George Clason  ‘The richest man who lived in Babylon’. I do not intend to write a review about it but I must indicate that it is a classical of financial wisdom. The ideals conveyed in the book are as applicable to the Gen Y  as it was applicable to the baby boomers and those who lived in nineteenth century. One aspect that caught my attention and left me meditating is a discourse on making work a friend. The book identified that work should be viewed as a friend and not an enemy.
Many young persons of our generation have described work as an enemy and work because it is necessary to pay their bills. Work does more to your life than paying bills, it is the very essence of living. Life would be very boring without work, or engagements that ensure that our mind, bodies are put into use. Work therefore puts the creative energies and potential in to use hence ensuring that life is meaningful and interesting. Idling and lazing around makes life uninteresting and makes one suffer from want and ill health. Out of personal experience, I can say that work whether mental or physical has rewards and should be taken positively.
Einstein, one of the geniuses that have lived on earth disputed that he was a genius and said that genius is one percent luck and ninety nine per-cent perspiration. Effort and energies must be spent and spent in right courses even though they may not have direct reward; eventually every labour has a profit in it. One of the major causes of unemployment in third world countries is not lack of education or skills; it is idling, and failure to work. Work is not having a job as many people would want us to believe or being employed by someone. Modern day thinking considers work as any effort that earns money. However, work is not only any effort that earns money, but rather any effort undertaken with diligence and thoughtfulness. The bible commends work and notes that ‘In all labour there is profit.’ Proverbs 14:23. Therefore one should not be afraid or ashamed of working and using energies to do what is right and doing it diligently, whether it pays immediately or not. This understanding helps one to put out efforts in the right pursuits with diligence and it guarantees that that all manner of work will have rewards.

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