Pillars of long lasting relationship (Part one): COMMITMENT

Commitment takes more than just feelings as your mind, body and soul must be involved in commitment. Initially commitment in relationships is not easy but it eventually becomes automatic after continually deciding to commit.’ Commitment is very fulfilling as it provides a sense of security to the relationships and builds strong ties that last.’

What is your armoury and do you protect it?

I recently had a conversation with an army colonel in a barrack. Being an inquisitive fellow I had a lot of question for this huge fellow. I simply wanted to know too much. So talking to this huge colonel was flattering. One of my queries was what was the most important place or feature whichContinue reading “What is your armoury and do you protect it?”

Why I won’t lend any of my books?

A room without books is like a body without a soul. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero.   I like reading and I am an avid reader. However do not mistake my reading with reading for class work or in order to be examined by a teacher. I love reading as a hobby and as a wayContinue reading “Why I won’t lend any of my books?”

Ten lessons in Ten years

A time like now or a day like today ten years ago I gave my life to Christ. In lay man language I became a born again Christian; that is a Christian who loudly confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. I must say that this was my sixth or seventh attempt to get bornContinue reading “Ten lessons in Ten years”


A friend of mine shared with me this post and I decided to share it further. He had noted that people sacrifice a lot for love even when it is not worth it. Love is everything to some people but I do not think that it should cost your life or dignity. It might beContinue reading “NEVER LET A MAN DESTROY YOUR LIFE!”


I love teachers. I admire teachers. I was born by parents who were career teachers. I am a product of teachers. I therefore sympathise with the plight of teachers. I understand that they are not well remunerated compared with other government workers. I know that they are sneered and not appreciated by parents of theContinue reading “MY OPINION: WHY KENYAN TEACHERS HAVE LOST PUBLIC SYMPATHY”

Are you Addicted to Bad Relationships?

Do you often find that you involve yourself in relationships that disappoint you? Are you not getting what you need and desire from the people you choose to date? Does there always seem to be something missing? If you answered yes to one or all of those questions, you could very well be addicted toContinue reading “Are you Addicted to Bad Relationships?”