BOOK REVIEW: What I Wish I Knew when I Was 20 by Tina Seelig.

 I chose to read this book mostly as a continuation of my interest in reading Tina Seelig’s books. I am done with my twenties and I was reading to assess my regrets on what I could have done better in my twenties. Tina Seelig has written this book as a reflection of the elements that lead to success in one’s life. While the book seems like it was targeted for those who are in their twenties. She describes it as a small crash course on making your place in the world. It is a great book for everyone who feels like they missed out on success train. The book highlights how to go through life without having regrets by acting right and being fabulous at every moment.

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

The following were the key takeaways from the book:

  1. Opportunities to earn are abundant. Always look for problems you can solve. Learn how to create value for others.
  2. Problems are not bad. Always figure out how to repackage yourself. Seize the opportunities all around you.
  3. Write a failure resume. Learn how to embrace failures. Learn when to keep on pushing on a problem and when to walk away from a problem and accept failure. Quitting is not a sign of weakness, in many instances it is just the opposite.
  4. Make talents which do not have a huge market as hobbies. Treat talents with huge markets as jobs.
  5. Luck is manufactured. There is nothing like luck, it is all hardwork disguised as luck. Lucky people take advantage of opportunities that come their way. They pay incredible attention to their environment to identify opportunities and chances in their environment. You can find my post on this HERE.
  6. Learn how to negotiate by identifying how the other person’s interests. The interest may not be conflicting at all. Negotiating should not always be adversarial. Walk away if the deal is bad and the other side is not willing to negotiate. You can find my post on negotiation HERE.
  7. Learn how to help others even those who cannot help you in future.
  8. Never miss an opportunity to be fabulous.
  9. Life is not a dress rehearsal. You may not get a second chance to do your best.
  10. See the world as full of opportunity and possibilities.  

This is a nice books for students which could help them to face life with realism and not from an idealistic perspective. The books main premise is that being in twenties does not have to be confusing as it is for most people. You only need to open up to failure while at the same time seizing all available opportunities with a genuine intention to help others. You can purchase this book from Amazon using this link:

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