Tina Seelig

Tina Seelig, Source: tinaseelig.com

Tina Seelig is a renowned author and educator who specialises in publishing books and advancing knowledge related to creativity and innovation. She was born in 1957. She completed her PHD in NeuroScience in 1985 from Stanford University. After completion of her PHD she joined Booz and Allen and then later moved to Compaq Computer as multimedia producer. She later founded her own company Book Browser.  In the year 1999, Tina Seelig joined Stanford University. She currently teaches courses that are focused on innovation and creativity in the school of engineering. She is also the director of Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP). She has published several books among them being:

Tina Seelig is also a renowned speaker and consultant on issues relating to creativity in organisations. She is also a recipient of the Gordon Prize in 2009 and the Silicon Valley Visionary Award in 2014.   

Published by Samuel Ng'ang'a Mwangi

One day I had too much to tell but there was no one to tell the story. I had to write articles, print them and then give them out to anyone who cared to read. Author of "So You Want To Get Into Courtship?" A Guide To Purposeful Christian Courtship. I write and rewrite on my blog www.mwelisa.com.

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