Review of Ingenious: Crash Course On Creativity by Tina Seelig

This is a book about creativity. I read it after it was highlighted by Olivia Fox’s book: The Net and The Butterfly. Lately, I have been interested by books on creativity, innovation and how people innovate. I have been interested in understanding what makes the difference between the innovators and those who do not.

Tina Seelig’s book

This book, Ingenious: Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Seelig acted as a crash course on creativity by highlighting the major ingredients that lead to breakthroughs and innovations. It shows what makes some people geniuses and others not to be.  The following were the key lessons from the book:

  1. Ideas are free. Knowing that ideas are free makes creativity easy. To demonstrate this, the author recommended the reader craft a two-page essay using any word they could think of. Creativity is an endless renewable resource that one can tap into at will. Creativity is a necessity because there are problems to be solved, improvements to be made and breakthroughs to be invented.
  2. Master the ability to reframe problems.
  3. Be able to recombine crazy ideas. For example, the cartoon contest where students were presented with cartoons without captions and asked to make captions that best describe what is going on.
  4. Make effort to move beyond the first and second wave of ideas to third wave of ideas. When looking for solutions do not look for obvious solutions generate second wave and third wave solutions to problems. This is especially during brainstorming.  
  5. Pay attention. Be extremely observant. Observation takes energy but with time one can become incredibly capable of making excellent observations.  
  6. Create environments and spaces that foster creativity.  
  7. Create deadlines and constraints to enhance creativity. For example, create a greeting card in 30minutes.  
  8. Create a system that gives instant or quick feedback on your creative endeavors. Quick feedback helps in determining if the product or idea is viable before you invest too much time on it, it also helps to make improvements.   
  9. Learn how to work in teams. Be a good team player.  
  10. Fail fast. Learn by experimentation. Learn how to iterate that is; to do small scale experiments which you can fail and learn from. Failure is a companion and success is an occasional visitor.
  11. Have the right attitude. The attitude is: if anything goes wrong fix it.   
  12. The engine of creativity has three cogs which are imagination, knowledge and attitude. Attitude sparks curiosity which makes one to acquire related knowledge. Knowledge fuels your imagination which creates relevant imaginations and inventions. Imagination catalyses changes in the habitat and in utilisation of available resources. The changes in habitat and attitude influence the culture in the community.

Once you are done width book, your mind is never the same. It activities and fans the fire of creativity in one’s mind. You easily become a problem solver because you can recombine ideas and knowledge from different fields and create new ideas and perspectives. Once you have read Olivia’s suggestion and perspective on failure and its role in fanning creativity, you never become afraid of failing. Instead, you incorporate failure in your creativity strategy and move on from failure very fast. It empowers the reader with the right attitude on life and transforms the reader form being a victim into being a problem solver because you can obviously see way out of problems compared to the average person. This book is perfect for entrepreneurs, business people, marketers and students.  You can’t miss out on the knowledge disseminated by Tina Seelig.  You can get this book from Amazon by clicking on the link below.


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