Book Review: Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

One of the books I read and found interesting concerning the thought process and decision making and making better choices is Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono. Edward de Bono is a physician and psychologist who has studied and written extensively on lateral thinking.

This book focused on simplifying the thinking process. I had never seen someone who has simplified the thinking process in such a manner that it appears simple especially when you have to make decisions. The six hats of thinking categorised thinking into six hats which are the white hat, the red hat, the black hat, the yellow hat, the green hat and the blue hat. The idiom of hat is used by author because hats are not controversial and represent similar meanings and image in many cultures hence people from east and western cultures can easily understand the role and function of hat.

Edward de Bono. Source: Wikipedia
  1. The white hat. This hat is all about facts. A person wearing this hat during the thinking process should provide fats and facts only there should be no inference or interpretation of facts. Only fats should be presented.
  2. The red hat. This hat has a lot to do with emotions. A person wearing this hat focuses on expressing their emotions towards an issue under discussion. The purpose is to identify the emptions that people or the thinker has towards an issues. It is not necessary to explain the mentions, just explains the various emotions.
  3. The black hat. It is the hat of caution A person wearing this hat should think of potential dangers or weaknesses of the idea.  It is the most commonly used hat. Should not be overused as it should all ideas. It is good in identifying vulnerabilities in ideas.
  4. The yellow hat. This is hat of sunshine and looks at the bright side of things and ideas. It looks at the merit of ideas. When wearing this hat a person should only see the good in something, this is the most difficult hat to use because many people are only conditioned to see the negative.
  5. The green hat. This is the hat for growth, improvement and creativity. This hat seeks to create new things or make improvements to existing things. A person wearing think hat should bring out new ideas. The book taught me an important content in creativity which is provocation. One of the way of provoking new ideas during thinking is through random word method.  Use any random word and combine it with another concept. For instance, introduce the word car or road to writing and generate new ideas and thoughts.
  6. The blue hat. This is hat that is focused on controlling the thought process. It is focused on making an overview, summary and conclusion of the thought process. It tends to take an aerial view of the thought process and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the thought process and what can be enhanced in order to make better outcomes.

This book sheds light on how effective decision makers make the best choices in career, business or personal life. The book is of much help to the individual decision makers and organisational decision as it can help them to overcome their own biases by making choices from an informed perspective that includes all types of thoughts and information needed in effective decision making.

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