Book Review of The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

The Inevitable: Understanding 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future 

This book by Kevin Kelly discusses the technological forces that will shape our future. The author indicates that the future will be much more interesting than it is now. Unlike other science fiction books that are based on imagination this books are based in in-depth research on the new innovation that have happened and how each of this innovations have high capacity of shaping our future. The author highlights that these technological forces will include, becoming, cognifying, flowing, screening, remixing, accessing, sharing, filtering, remixing, tracking questioning and beginning. The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological ...
The Inevitable book cover. Source: Amazon

Each of these technological forces have a significant place in the future. For instance the force of becoming is already here with us. The force of becoming entails having constant improvements on products and services. This means that nothing will remain the same as it will have some improvement especially when it comes to technology. This will reduce the need to own things due to their increased improvements such that a product and service bought will be obsolete the nest one year.

The other technological forces of the future is cognifying. This is embedding intelligence into objects. According to Kevin Kelly, most of the objects that can transmit electricity have the potential to be cognified and made intelligent. This means that objects can be tagged with chips and identified remotely. This force of cognification will also include increased use of artificial intelligence. Activities that are repetitive can now be done by robots which will know how to operate machines, type and do activities that can be repeatedly done by humans. A lot of manual jobs will be lost. However, more jobs will be created that will revolve around robots such as teaching robots, servicing and maintaining the robots.

The other force of technology that will shape our future is flowing. Information will be influenced in future. Also almost every business including real estate is now becoming an online business. It is being transformed into a fluid entirety. Therefore, in future information, business, data will be fluid.

The other technological force of the future is screening. In future information will be disseminated through screens. Unlike in the arts where books were the main way of conserving and transmitting information, technology will be future based. Information will be disseminated through screens. There will be screen in the bedroom, bathroom and in vehicles. People will not need to memorise things as they will just point their screen to get information.

Other forces of technology that will shape the future include, remixing, accessing, filtering, interacting, tracking, questioning and beginning. 

However, the book does not provide amicable solutions or ways in which to respond to the changes that will emanate from the twelve technological forces of the future. The author leaves the readers to make their own deductions on what they can do to respond to these technological forces of the future. 

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