5 productivity hacks to keep you on track towards your goals

There is huge fulfillment that comes from productivity and attaining one’s goals. Nothing feels frustrating like non productivity or taking too much effort to produce too little. To be productive, one has to constantly seek ways of enhancing personal productivity. Some of the ways to enhance personal productivity include:

  1. Setting goals. Without goals productivity is a mirage. Goals provides sense of direction and focus. Goals show the intended destination. Just like a driver without a destination can use any road to go anywhere, so is seeking productivity without a goal. Any road will certainly take you anywhere. But if you have a goal, you have a destination hence you have to pick particular roads and tools that will and can lead you to the particular destination of productivity.
  2. Work in short duration. Work in small episodes that last up to 25- 30 minutes. This is because it is usually very hard to retain concentrated focus for long duration. By deliberating setting up short working duration, you are helping the mind to absolutely focus in those 25 minutes without meandering.
  3. Take breaks. After working for the twenty to thirty minutes you can take a two –five minute breaks to allow your mind and body to rest. To maximize on the merits that come with taking a break, please do not engage in anything that is mentally taxing in that duration. You can stretch, stand up, or maybe closed your eyes but please do not get into the temptation of getting into the social media channels and other channels that might take up your mental energy. Your intention is to refresh your brain and make it ready for the next session. Meditate, relax and if possible zone out and think about nothing.
  4. Block web based distractions. These are mostly apps and websites that send out notifications or websites which are addictive and you naturally tend to search and log into when the mind is resting. To avoid this, you can install web blockers like Cold turkey which can help you to avoid and shin these distractions completely. They tend to consume huge mental energies.
  5. Block physical distractions. While web based distractions are easy to block, there can be other physical distractions like people coming to visit and calls. Others can be television or background noise that create nuisance. Strive to work in serene environments that are free from physical distractions. This enhances focus and productivity.

These are some of the productivity hacks that you can use to enhance work productivity and total focus during work hours.  With heightened productivity, one manages to do a lot of work within a short duration which provides one with extra hours that can be used for other non-work related activities.   You can read more about productivity here.

Published by Samuel Ng'ang'a Mwangi

One day I had too much to tell but there was no one to tell the story. I had to write articles, print them and then give them out to anyone who cared to read. Author of "So You Want To Get Into Courtship?" A Guide To Purposeful Christian Courtship. I write and rewrite on my blog www.mwelisa.com.

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