Book Review: Courageous Parenting by Jack and Debb Graham

Courageous Parenting by Jack Graham

I took long to finish this book compared with other books mostly because I read it during a busy work season and I had a lot of work to do. I had to read it to the last page because it was quite informative and I felt that I needed information about parenting. As a young father I needed I needed to hear out what other successful fathers had done or their perspective on parenting. Although I did not think of it as religious book; the book was centered much on bringing up children in a Christian way. It emphasized that the role of a father in home was that of being a thermostat that is: setting the homes’ temperatures. The book advised that the major role of a father first was to love the children’s mother. Once that was in place it was easier to love the children. The second major point in the books was setting the homes standards, the father was the one to set the home rules the home rules needed to be as few as possible in order to ensure that they were followed. The father had to be a role model and a teacher to the kid.

I also learnt that there were three main seasons of parenting. These seasons are:

  1. Season of protection. This is when kids were 0-9 years of age. The parenting style at this level involve protecting the child. The parent is the main source of influence on the child and the parent should protect the child from bad influences and input godly and good values in the child. Hug, kiss the child and show a lot of affection at this season.
  2. The second season is the season of preparation, this is from 10-19 years. The child is still under parent’s care but has to make their own decision, the role of the parent is to guide the child and offer stern advice to the child. Teach the child to love and be accommodative.
  3. The third season is the season of partnering which starts when the child is 20 years and above. At this phase the children usually leave home either for college or for work. The parent must now give up control on the child and allow them to chart their own course. They should however be present and ready to offer advice when the child needs or requests for advice. It also involves agreeing to partner with others who the child considers important in their lives such as the lovers and in laws of the child.

The book was good and I liked it and would certainly recommend for any parent at any level of parenting as there is something for everyone. You can get the book from Amazon by clicking the image below:

Published by Samuel Ng'ang'a Mwangi

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