I am back

After three-year hiatus from blogging I am now back with a bang.  I had taken off to other forms of writing other than blogging. However, I still felt the nag to write and share with my readers my experiences, knowledge, advice and also listen to their comments.  I promise you that I will write more and share more. Within the three-year hiatus I have learnt a lot, travelled a lot and experienced much which I would love to share with you. I have read scores of books which I intend to share reviews.  I have also missed the comments from my followers. In fact, one of the reasons I am back is because of an email from one of followers who made effort to reach out to me and enquire while I stopped blogging. While blogging may not be financially rewarding, the contribution one makes to the community makes it a meaningful aspect of existence.

The long break has helped me strategize and gather more meaningful content for my audience. The hiatus has reenergized me and equipped me to be resourceful in providing relevant and uplifting content. I intend to be making a post every week. I was surprised to find that I have only made 32 posts on this blog on its ninth year of existence. I will therefore provide more content by making weekly posts. I will mostly be posting content related to self-improvement encouraging people to read and study.  The content will be also be more appealing with accompanying images unlike previously when most of the content was plain and hard to read.  The posts will not exceed 500 words to make reading them easier. Thank you my followers for the many years you have followed this blog. In 2020 and beyond expect a vibrant blog that is full of informative and enriching content. I also value your feedback.

Published by Samuel Ng'ang'a Mwangi

Author of "So You Want To Get Into Courtship?" A Guide To Purposeful Christian Courtship. One day I had too much to tell but there was no one to tell the story. I had to write articles, print them and then give them out to anyone who cared to read. Not everyone who was interested in my writing but I was happy that I had found a way of sharing my thoughts. By the time I was distributing my fourth article, I had dozens of emails from my readers expressing their excitement over my writing. Thanks to the internet and free word press blog, now I have a forum to pen my thoughts, opinions and convictions. None of my writings in this blog is sponsored. It expresses the authors’ bird eye view on the happenstances in his native country and world especially on social matters such as love, religion, economic well being. I feature stories of persons I have read or personally interacted with whom I consider worth emulating on my blog www.mwelisa.com.

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